China Star Buffet

China Star Buffet is a Chinese restaurant located in five different locations in the USA. It is a Chinese style restaurant with a vast variety of serving food items. Their meals have an everlasting effect on the taste buds.

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Entering the restaurant one feels the traditions and presence of Chinese environment and the marvelous structures catches the gaze of eyes. It almost feels like one entered in some other part of the planet which is totally different from theirs. Its Chinese interior gives attraction to locals as well as tourists to once go there and have a meal.

China Star Buffet

China Star Buffet

They serve a variety of dishes from Asian to American and a variety of desserts and appetizers for adding extra to the meal. The main Chinese dish that most people like and go there for is sushi, it’s freshness and art of making it perfect makes it the most popular dish there. Experts of seafood and American dishes make the best of all these dishes. They have the speciality in grilled items and it is called “hibachi grill” where grilled and the tendered food is served in its fresh taste which leaves taste buds craving for these grilled items more and more. They also have Asian mixed foods which are eaten by a vast majority of customers on a daily basis.

They have dining areas as well private rooms for family functions or private meetings or for parties and dining area where usually customers go to have a meal. Their spacious environment opens up minds and people can enjoy their meals with family, friends or business associates. Private rooms allow privacy for parties or business meetings or family gatherings such that people can have an open talk while having meals. Open area dining is for usual or regular customers who for the sake of having meals come to this restaurant on a routine basis. Their sitting arrangements are made with the chinese version of restaurants where one feels their culture and environment and make themselves acquainted with their beautiful culture and customs. It is a traditional Chinese eating place combined with the modern way of restaurants and gives in result a unique combination of both culture and modernism.

As to pricing and billing, one can say that it has the best deals with the cheapest rates.Their buffet system gives customers a wide leverage in the amount of food they consume and variety of food they eat at such low prices. This type of billing in the modern corporate world is nowhere to be found and when it is found somewhere like China Star Buffet it is rare. Buffet system allows a person to eat as much as one can with no worries of overbilling but one should also have a limitation on the amount of food to consume because overeating can lead to diarrhea, it was on a lighter note although there is no compromise on the quality of food. The food served is quality checked and fresh from the gardens. Buffet gives the choices open to the customers about their favorite dishes to eat without any other fear of overbilling, one can enjoy as much one likes to have and eat as much one can feel to eat. The list of the menu is long so that one cannot have all the items eaten at once, this also benefits in creating cravings for the not tasted items left out. Most of the people that come here are satisfied with the quality of food they receive in here. Their billing rates start from 4$ to 12$ maximum. These prices are worth to be paid off their meals available in the buffet. They also give discounts to professional and government employees on drinks and parties of ten or more people have also privilege on drinks.

China Star Buffet

China Star Buffet

The customer care staff is very welcoming and honors the guests. Their treatment towards customers is like their ancient custom and traditions of welcoming guests.The motto for their staff is that their customers are their first priority and always greet customers with a smile and ask them to come back again before leaving. If the customer is happy the management is happy with the staff. The care for the customers is their tradition because everything they do is ultimately for the customers. When someone enters the restaurant the happy and smiling faces of the staff members make oneself almost forget about their worries and tensions that they have built in the day and feels relaxed from the external environment outside the restaurant premises.

The opening hours on weekdays is from 11 a.m in the morning to 9:30 p.m in the night while on weekend the closing time is a half hour late that is 10 p.m, while on Christmas it is closed and the closing time is 6 p.m on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve. Otherwise, it is open throughout the year with the same timings. This feature of their opening and closing at the specific time is well known to their customers and also it gives a boost to their clientele because their clients have adhered themselves to the timings of the restaurant.

These restaurants are in four different locations in Houston city while one is newly built in Pearland. All their franchises are serving with the same zeal and quality of their food is never compromised. With the passage of time, the have grown the name China Buffet Star into a leading name in the restaurant business. Their growth index in Houston is amazing how they are spreading in other cities as well as they have laid the foundation of their restaurant in Pearland. It will soon be covering all the countries. The reason behind the success is the way customers are treated and given services in such an excellent manner. These services combined with their uniqueness gave them the leverage to come on top in this business. Other factors that are responsible for their tremendous growth are the affordability and no compromise on the quality of the served items. They met with all the challenges very effectively and remained on their position at the time of crisis, this gave them the strength to maintain their exclusive quality and the love of people they have gained in the years gave them the confidence to go further and establish their empire of restaurants.

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