Omaha is in the heart of Nebraska state as the largest city as well as in the western region of the United States along the Missouri River. It is globally recognized for proper infrastructure, architectural designs, entertainment spots, great culture, food and cuisines. Amazing and juicy steaks, Mexican, Italian and French cuisines seem to just claim the tip of Omaha’s culinary iceberg since Asian culinary experience tends to bring more a whole world of flavor by bearing its own twist on its classic known tastes.

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China Star Buffet

One of the most acknowledged and most reviewed restaurant for its Asian dishes is the China Buffet. It was initially founded in the early 1998 in Massachusetts before branching out extensively. Today, China Buffet has four franchises in Omaha; on 114th street, 147th street, in Bellevue and Lincoln. These franchises are conveniently located for all customers who can easily pass by and walk in or more so drive by since there exists free parking to accommodate as many as vehicles as possible.

 China Buffet omaha

China Buffet in omaha

The term buffet in used to mean a system of serving meals whereby a variety of foods are placed in an open area where the diners will generally serve themselves. China buffet restaurant has embraces this kind of system by offering an ‘all you can eat’ buffet at very friendly set prices. The term China is used to refer to the various Asian cuisines, widely known, loved and appreciated, offered in the ‘all you can in buffet’. These various foods include Japanese sushi, unique vegetables like bok choy, snow pea pods, baby corn, Chinese eggplant among others, BBQ, grill, Chinese deserts with tea, soups, fruits among more than 100 dishes that are offered at China Buffet.

The soups in the China Buffet menu include soups made from seafood, hot and sour peppers and vegetables and there also exists a house special soup that is made from secret ingredients. Soups are indeed a favorite cuisine and are served together with noodles that are a famous staple food in china. Another type of food that makes part of the menu is the variety of appetizers which include; egg rolls, steamed or deep-fried dumplings, chicken and French fries.

 China Buffet omaha

China Buffet in omaha

China Buffet has been over the years been famously and popularly known for holding all kinds of parties from, cooperate events, birthdays, business related events, graduation parties among many others. Each of these China Buffet franchises has ample space such that they can hold up to 250 people. The China Buffet is open for lunch and dinner in all days of the week and is open to all members of the public with a fair price charged separately to the adults and a pass to eat free every Tuesday for kids under the age of 2 years. China Buffet is a very family friendly restaurant and cares for all in the society since any diner having a food allergy to the ones being served, is offered a meal to fit his/her needs.

China buffet has worn awards such as best restaurant in Omaha over the last five years as well as best restaurant with high customer satisfaction in Omaha for around 14 years, as reported in the Talk of the Town News Website. The key factors that have led to this kind of success is always ensuring that the ingredients to the various foods are always fresh, of high quality and of a wide variety. Also, most ingredients are picked directly from the Mongolian bar and taken to the chefs who take as little as 3 to 5minutes to prepare the meals for the clients. This bar is the competitive advantage for the Chinese Buffet for being the best in Omaha.

The kitchen in the China Buffet is open such that it is visible to the diners hence providing some sort of entertainment and appreciation for how their meals are prepared.  Other than the Mongolian BBQ and Grill Bar in the China Buffet where clients have a variety of ingredients and sauces to choose from to come up with their own meal, other bars are the Chinese cuisine and salad bar as well as a desert bar. These bars are always fully stocked with the relevant ingredients and always quickly refilled when they are almost down.

Another competitive advantage is ensuring that the restaurant is always clean and tidy with their friendly and courteous staff be so fast to attend to the many diners needs and wants from their entrance to exit. The China Buffet goes ahead to offer a free buffet to individuals celebration their birthdays there with proof of an ID confirming it’s your birthday. No deal could get any better than this. To top it all off, the flavors are more than what is expected.

 China Buffet omaha

China Buffet in omaha

The interior of the Chinese Buffet is made up very attractive decor and atmosphere that makes you want to just stay and feel at home and comfy. The modern buffet setting is maintained to ensure the food is maintained hot and fresh. Just in front of the buffet there are sets of plates and other cutlery ware and some staff ready to help new diners that are a bit shy and are not sure what direction to take. There is also a price chart just to ensure that diners are aware of the fair and favorable prices before they are serving.

After the diners have completed choosing their most favorite dish, they head to dine in the seating section. Just like the food being Asian, tables and chairs are also Chinese oriented and themed. The restaurant is also very spacious and well ventilated so as to provide a very conducive environment especially on occasions where there are many diners.

The China Buffet also offers delivery services to clients who have no time on their hands to come dine in the restaurant. The take out feature is not common in most if not any buffet. The diner just goes to the Chinese Buffet website and chooses the option of making an order delivered. The order is weighed in a lidded container and then apportioned a price according to the weight. China Buffet is just a part of China existing in Omaha and will grow more and more by the coming years.

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